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A boutique group of culturally diverse professionals who provide custom interior design...


Sandra Costa

Sandra Costa Design Group

Sandra Costa Design Group

Sandra Costa is “Smart Home” Interior and Exterior Design Consultant. Helping clients realize their design objectives and deliver solutions when difficult building priorities appear unsolvable.
Sandra Costa is a renowned interior and building designer with projects throughout the better part of Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Los Angeles. She spearheads a boutique group of culturally diverse professionals, who provide custom interior design, building, and remodeling plans.The Sandra Costa Design Group focuses on producing designs that capture the essence of global cultures and diverse elements.We deliver a commitment to bringing you the very best quality and services you deserve. Sandra Costa provides a team of qualified and diversified consultants, consistently setting new standards in all areas of interior and exterior design.

Recognized by Houzz 5 star

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We are an acclaimed design team who have the experience and knowledge to work with National and International clients. Getting your job done right, on time, and within budget is not a challenge for SCDG. Our design partners are available to meet in person, via Zoom, or speak to you through all forms of comfortable avenues of communication.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Sandra Costa

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