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设计 – 建造 – 平衡
HUFFINGTON POST April 11th 2015 By Irene Michaels Design – Build – Balance Sandra Costa's keen business sense and innate understanding of cultural interplay gives her the ability to blend style, culture and people together. Her mission statement is simply: DESIGN IT SMART, BUILD IT STRONG, FINISH IT RIGHT! With this philosophy, Costa works with artisans, craftsmen and engineers, and has successfully built a global company that brings her client's desires from ideas to highly customized reality. Sandra Costa, Founder and Master Designer of the Sandra Costa Design Group provides a prestigious and generous display of unique sustainability, supported by environmental concerns. With a background in design and entertainment, she magically transforms Villas of all nations into personal and security conscious life styles. Her creations bare the FISH in-signature by Sandra Costa. ( Fully Integrated Smart Homes ) and offers the seamless union of entertainment, art, interior design and architecture together. Costa designs homes for future generations so today's Villa becomes a respected and timeless property. Included in all of her projects is the House of Costa Custom Collections. Photography Credits: Angelo Rosati, Westboundstudios.com Chinese Management Melody Fu 桑德拉·科斯塔 设计集团 Dubai Management Monika Artin

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