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    20 Million Penthouse. A selection of custom Furnishings by Sandra Costa

  • Kosher Kitchen Design Investment Property

  • Sir Richard Branson 2016 Sandra Costa Event Designer

  • Building Design By Sandra Costa

  • The upgrade of an exceptional property Los Angeles Theater Sandra Costa & L' Esperance Design

  •  Exterior

    Brentwood Estate Exterior Design

  • Original Designs Over sized Furnishings by Sandra Costa

  • Presenting the Best of the Best 2016 Holiday Party

  • Corporation Mansion

  • House of Costa Custom Furnishings

  • High End Custom Kitchen

  • A honored commission of design expertise of Los Angeles Theater on Broadway By Sandra Costa & Le' Esperance Design

  • Remodel Concept Master Bathroom patio

  • Fendi Furnishings Christmas Spirit

  • House of Costa Design & Furnishings

  • House of Costa Design & Furnishings

  • Interior Design & Italian Furnishings

  • All Images shown in this catalogue by Angelo Costa

  • Dale Den

    Universal Design

  • Interior Design and Furnishings

  • Media Room

    Fully Integrated Smart Home

  • Tom Living Room

    Out of State Client Investment Remodel Project

  • Maryilyn

    Wilshire Corridor Penthouse

  • 12,000 SQ Ft Remodel & Furnishings

  • Hospitality Concepts global.sandracosta.com

  • Poker Esate

    Design European Poker Room

  • Design Producer Grammy's Event with Sir Richard Branson

  • Executive Production

  • Sandra Costa Producer

WELCOME TO SANDRA COSTA Sandra Costa Design and Production Group Untouched Possibilities * Innovative * Unparalleled Approach * Reliable Vision * Evolving Ideas into Reality. Indeed, the power of imagination makes us infinite.

Sandra Costa, spear heads a dynamic productive international team who consistently set new standards in all areas of project design, production and management.

The groups driving force is supported by creative motivation and achieving valuable end results. All projects benefit from a wide range of skills provided by a culturally diverse team of highly qualified professionals.

Unparalleled experience including innovative ideas and execution establishes Sandra Costa and company as leaders in the industry. Projects include a renowned international and national corporate and celebrity clientele.



GLOBAL PROJECTS : Please review Global.sandracosta.com :


USA LAND & REAL ESTATE: Identifying Financial companies in China looking to place client investments into USA Properties, Developments, or any other projects involving real estate. USA Land Sales is a partnership between the best in design, real estate developments and PR/Marketing. Sandra Costa


美国土地及地产: 找寻有意向投资美国房地产、房产开发,及房地产相关项目投资的中国金融公司。美国土地销售兼容顶级的房产设计服务、房地产开发,及公关和市场营销的合营商业模式。 桑德拉. 科斯塔 桑德拉·科斯塔(SC)集团承接美国国内和国际大型商业项目的总体规划和住宅设计、酒店设计、公寓设计、高层建筑设计、夜总会设计、大堂设计、游艇、智能家居,及家庭影院和办公室等设计,并负责提供配套施工建设相关服务。我们有着丰富的经验,提供成本效益最大化的解决方案和先进理念,以满足您的项目需求。如有业务咨询,请致电:+1 310 874 3739 /+1 323 932 0223。 客户至上是我集团公司的经营理念。 我很期待与您携手合作共创未来。 The most important element for a successful project is our client "


Salete A. F. Cravo - Arquitecta, Designer, Gestora de Projecto e Investigadora Científica em Arquitectura e Desenho Urbano Sustentáveis/ Parceira Global do Grupo Sandra Costa Design Group – http://sandracosta.com/salete-cravo-global-partner-2 –, assume o comando da Europa, América Latina e Angola. Para orçamentos, questões e dúvidas relacionadas com os nossos serviços, p.f. contacte: scravo.architect@gmail.com | +351 938613173. www.sandracosta.com Hospitalidade, Planeamento Urbano e Projectos Comerciais de grande escala:


Esperamos por si.

Aliando design e ciência com sofisticação e excelência, trabalhamos com os clientes mais exigentes, desde celebridades a empresas nacionais e internacionais de renome. Não seguimos tendências, criamo-las. Traga-nos o seu desafio, a nossa equipa de especialistas espera por si. .

Sandra Costa : Founder SCDG
Design Director / Expert
Ms. Costa’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen relies upon her well-developed extensive network of design, scientific, and engineering related relationships. Careful to maintain equilibrium between design and culture, Sandra Costa stresses the importance of the challenge presented by cultural differences in international business practices, philosophies and visual composition.
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