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Sandra Costa: Interior and Exterior Unique Ideas * Untouched Possibilities * Innovative * Unparalleled Approach * Concept Design * Evolving Ideas into Reality * The most important element..... is our client. Sandra Costa, spear heads the SC team of culturally diverse design and presentation consultants who consistently are setting new standards in all areas of interior and exterior design and production. Included in our work is a sampling of small to large projects all designed to meet the priorities and budget of our clients. The finished work shows full remodeled properties, new construction, custom and wholesale furniture and staging.
We have the experience to provide cost effective solutions and ideas to meet your projects needs. In addition, we bring a professional commitment to being on time and within the budget. For your project please call : 310 874 3739 / 323 932 0223. We look forward to hearing from you :
SC designs Residential, Restaurants, Condos, Hi Rise Buildings, Night Clubs, Lobbies, Yachts, Smart Homes, Home Theaters and Offices. For Hospitality, Master Planning and large Commercial Projects please review our international team at :


桑德拉·科斯塔:内部和外部独特的想法*非接触的可能性*创新*无与伦比的途径*概念设计*演变的想法变成现实*。桑德拉·科斯塔,矛头的多元文化设计顾问谁一直在内部和外部设计所有领域制定新标准的SC队。包括在我们的工作是介绍小型和大型项目都是为了满足优先级和客户的预算。完成的工作表明全改装性能,新的建筑,习俗和家具批发和分期的房地产专业人士。 我们有丰富的经验,提供符合成本效益的解决方案和理念,以满足您的项目需求。此外,我们带着专业致力于准时和预算范围内。为您的项目,请致电:310 874 3739 / 323 932 0223。我们期待您的回覆: SC设计住宅,酒店,公寓,高层建筑,夜总会,大堂,游艇,智能家居,家庭影院和办公室。对于招待费,总体规划和大型商业项目,请查看我们的国际团队: 此链接 4
This link http://GLOBAL.SANDRACOSTA.COM Melody Fu : Isabella Wing Yan Cheung New Business Development

" The most important element..... is our client. 最重要的元素.....是我们的客户。"

Founder and Chief Design Expert Ms. Costa’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen relies upon her well-developed extensive network of design, scientific, and engineering related relationships. Careful to maintain equilibrium between design and culture, Sandra Costa stresses the importance of the challenge presented by cultural differences in international business practices, philosophies and visual composition.
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