1. ColetteColette03-26-2016

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    • sdcsdc04-16-2016

      Nice to know there is am organic way to let a few folks into the mind of a design and building maestro. Am I being to brave to make the claim I feel I have lived life as a building.
      Possibly a mansion, theater, chair and most definitely a bed.I have dropped in and out of the building plans feeling the earth and cringing at the first blow of the demolition. I have waited in the attic along with ol;d storage and spiders while the owner played in Florida and not even a noise made a sound. Oh! and the times I glided in the gold leaf adornments of a 30 ft ceiling while silent movies played and woman wore hats and men smoked. Now let me tell you how I feel when I create a master piece chair that should be in a museum and admired for its lines and grace. To top it all off my biggest achievement is my design of the bed. A place to lay and breath. Dream and laugh. Love and cry. The bed that supports the vert root of very thought and movement. I am merely an invisible maestro, a floating thought pattern creating and making a difference where ever I can.

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