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Sevak Petrosian is the founder and co owner of NDI. In 2014 Sevak merged with Sandra Costa, Founder of the Sandra Costa Design Group to collaborate on global and national projects.Sevak’s vast experience of over 20 years in the industry creating world class projects and collaborating on multiple large scale international brand name projects, became the catalyst for NDI’s rapid growth An award wining, Dynamic Lead Architectural Designer with an impeccable record of developing concepts, strong planning, organizing production, and art directing, coordinating fabrication and construction through-out the completion of large scale, multifaceted entertainment and theme park projects in an international business environment.

Nextep Design International

Every Project is Unique because we as a design group are Unique. From inception in 2010, Nextep Design International (NDI), led by its director Sevak Petrosian, addressed the growing international demand for visitor experience type projects, i.e. theme parks,water parks, resort hotels and accompanying retail venues. Sevak’s vast experience of over 20 years in the industry creating world class projects and collaborating on multiple large scale international brand name projects,became the catalyst for NDI’s rapid growth. NDI has been fortunate this past year to have collaborated with Disney on Disney China, the Elim Resort and theme park in Korea, a resort hotel and theme park, water park in China, and a themed show in Macau. Present projects include Deep Space India, Victory Park Armenia, a master planned Senior Housing/Mixed -Use project in China, Jackson Life concept development (Jackson Venue), coupled with two theme water parks in Qatar, Al Wakrah and Al Khawr. NDI has surrounded itself with some of the finest talent available in the world. Not only have we staffed internally with some of this talent, such as writers, architects, designers, but have developed strategic partners allowing us to undertake any size project and address multiple disciplines other than architectural design,i.e. structural engineering, MEP engineering, construction management.

Each team member brings their unique expertise to a given project, allowing us to foresee problems that might not be seen until it has a dramatic cost impact, and allows us to approach a project as a design build. This approach not only saves monetarily, but expedites the overall design process saving critical time. NDI’s objective is to turn the client’s present dream into tomorrow’s reality, with the most unique and unexpected solution, on time and within budget. This can only be accomplished by precise coordination between all entities involved, from design concept to construction completion. NDI hand selects all major teaming members through a selection process that ensures that every element of the project is handled by the most qualified talent, and each and every member shares our commitment to delivering a unique and successful project that exceeds our client’s expectations.
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