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Sandra Costa
Executive Design and Production

Sevak Petrosian
Global Project Designer and Master Planner

Aly Spencer Beverly Hills
Interior Design and Real Estate Acquisition

Eldan Jerby & Matteo Bitetti
Construction Management

Salete Cravo
Executive Manager, Architect, Scientific Researcher & Global Partner

Jordan Johnson Design Assistant to Sandra Costa
Client Communications

Melody Fu Atlanta Asia
Chinese Contracts and Senior Interpreter

” Global partner ” =“全球合作伙伴”

Shannon Johnson Production Partner Las Vegas
Contractor and Production

Billie Mitchell Production Partner New York
Event Producer and Production

Angelo Costa DP Los Angeles
Photography and Videographer

Adriano Costa Los Angeles
Web Design and Production

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Alwyn Stephen Dubai India
UAE – Global Partner

Monika Agarwal Global Partner Dubai India
UAE Design Partner & Management

Haim Gannon Israel
Israel – Global Partner

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Sandra Costa Design Group
8306 Wilshire Blvd 473
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